Sean and Lorianne

Preparations: Makati Shangrila
Church: Sanctuario de San Antonio
Reception: Makati Shangrila

"We're not giving away our daughter, we are sharing. You can take my place now".

This is a message of the bride's father to the groom at the bridal entrance.Enjoy this video.

Stephen and Jeni

Whats with this thing?
1. Its my own wedding video.
2. I've tried a long time not to share this thing.
3. It feels awkward to edit your own wedding video.
4. Its the cinematic highlights so its quite long.
5. The gown is designed by my wife.

Wedding Date: October 2012
Preparations: Astoria, Ortigas
Venue: The Mango Farm
Florist: Vatel Manila
Ceremony Styling: Dylan Gozum
Makeup: Ten Franco: Hair & Make Up Artist
Photo: Randolf Evan Photography
Coordinator: The One Exclusive
Lights and Sounds: Rejectkrew
Caterer: K by Cunanan
Host: Thoffy Consulta

Raymund and Rhea

Preps: Enclave, Pampanga
Ceremony/Reception: Grand Palazzo Royale

There is no perfect wedding. I believe that. That's why i advise our couples to really let go and just enjoy their day. I actually said the same thing to Raymund and Rhea when we had a short talk months before their wedding.

We are so honored to be part of this couple's big day. Raymund and Rhea is probably nervous come their wedding day, but when they let go, they had fun.

Enjoy this another Pampanga wedding we had.

Brian and Carina

Preps: Meteora, Tagaytay City
Church: San Antonio de Padua, Silang
Reception: Sonya's Garden
Photo: Randolf Evan

December and January is just overwhelming. It has been proved to be the busiest months in our career.
We are not complaining, instead, we grow because of this. Our workflow is improved, our creativity is tested in its limit.

We've been to Tagaytay countless times but we've never been to Meteora. The place was spacious and beautiful.

See for yourself.

JP and Mich

Preparations: Manila Peninsula
Church: Archbishop's Palace
Officiating Minister: Cardinal Tagle
Song: A Thousand Years (Request)

Watch-out for:
*Emotional church entrance

Kung Hei Fat Choi to all our Chinese friends.

RJ and Caith

Preparations and Ceremony: Marriott Hotel
Reception: Blue Leaf

For us, personal vows could really make a huge emotional impact on the wedding rites. My crew tells me sometimes that they were moved with the words that they heard from the couple. In this in particular, RJ and Caith's love story is just so touching.

Hope you'll be moved by their vows.

Rowell and Jackie

Happy New Year, everyone!
Getting to Rowell and Jackie's wedding is kinda difficult since its our first shoot of 2014 and its January 2. But, it was different when you stepped in the bride's room, you'll be infected by the excitement of your bride. I just thought, 'we should do good today, it's 2014'.

So here's a 6 and a half minute onsite of Rowell and Jackie. A very nice video to start the year.

Preps: Thunderbird, Antipolo
Ceremony: Immaculate Heart, Antipolo

Manuel and Julie

Venue: Stilts, Calatagan
Photo: Toto Villaruel

What to expect?
Beach wedding never gets old.
Groom is so makulit.

Kris and Precious

Manila and Tagaytay traffic has been a game changer this December. And really, we have to make an allowance just to get to weddings on time. Good thing is, despite the very heavy traffic this season, we've never been late to any of our weddings.

Venue: Tagaytay Highlands
Photo: Randolf Evan
Makeup: Tippy
Coordinator: Thoffy Consulta

Veiz and Joyce

Hi All!

Yes! peak season subsides for a while. It has been a difficult month, but its all worth it. Creativity is being stretched when shooting a wedding is a streak. We've done same day edits on a different style and it was really fun. We survived, and here we are showing you what made us so busy this season.

Preps: Lewis Grand Hotel, Pampanga
Reception: Grand Palazzo, Pampanga